Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking Off in an Airplane

Taking off in an Airplane

When taking off in an airplane it feels great! The speed prints a smile on your face, the pressure and weight that you feel, I bet that’s your favorite part of the whole flight! Some people can hear the speed outside, and when you look out the window saying good-bye, you might even smell the fresh air outside! All of your emotions take a break, you close your eyes, sit back and relax.

By: Christine Gadlan 6C


  1. how can you smell the air outside?

  2. wateva but gud job Christine

  3. I don't think so. Every aircraft before takeoff was maintain properly by the ground crew. The aircraft fuel tanks should be full before takeoff, the engines should be looked for problems after a bad weather. And aircrafts manufacturers had put the aircraft together properly.

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