Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Having the smelliest vampire in my bed during while at the middle of the night!

         In Halloween, when you went trick or treat to get candy, I dressed in a vampire costume. It was really fun to get all kind of good candy to eat. But at night, I had a bad feeling, a frightening feeling. But then I forgot it and thought it just a feeling nothing will harm you. At the middle of the night, I suddenly felt someone step into my room. I thought just forget it. But the sound of some step into my room got closer. I was so scared that I closed my eyes. While I closed my eyes, the person who are not supposed in my room walked to my bed and sat on my bed!! Then I heard the sound of my clock like “ Ding Dong Ding Dong…” Before I opened my eyes, I smelled something. A really horrible smelled. I opened my eyes and saw the smelliest vampire sitting in my bed!! I screamed and jumped of my bed to turn on the light. When I turned on the light, the vampire disappear. It was my brother, with the smelliest smell I had ever smell. Phew I was really thought that was the real vampire. My family laughed at me and they really made me embarrassed.


By Polly

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  1. Polly, don't underestimate your feelings about what will happen. And don't be that scare, be calm, there's no real vampire, just your smelly brother! Ha Ha,anyway, did your brother take a shower, how can he be so smelly? Please post your answer