Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going On The Best Water Slide Ever

I went on a vacation with my family to this awesome, big, pretty,five star hotel that has the coolest water park and the funniest arcades. I went to the Great Wolf Lodge hotel. When i finished checking in and unpacked my bags, My family and I went to the coolest water park right away. The first Thing I saw in the water park was the biggest, coolest most awesome Water slide ever! The line was so long though! It took an hour before I could get on the ride! When I finally got on the best water slide, I Was so excited. When I went down the most awesome slide ever, it Was all black inside the tube and the tube kept going in a spiral. Then I saw this shiny light, colorful, shimmering light and the mat was jumping up and down! it was totally awesome and exciting when the light stopped shining I continued going down the cool spiral tube, water started splashing on me and I couldn’t hear anything! When I finally got out, I was so happy that I kept talking and thinking about the water slide the entire day!


By Diana


  1. Cool! Is that just a picture or have you rode on it?

  2. I can believe that you do so good!

  3. Diana!! Yu r totally great!!!

  4. What a cool waterslide! I wish I can go in that waterslide! What a good article!