Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going on a Roller Coaster without screaming

When I was just a 5th grader, I always felt scared when I went on games which bring me to the sky. Once, my school went on a field trip to Dai Nam. I was so excited to think about learning or school. I was just screaming like: “Hooray! I don’t have to go to school tomorrow! Yay!!! So I went home and started to prepare what I need for the trip.
The next day, we went to Dai Nam. When we got there, each of us got like 10 tickets to play. I played so many fun games, except Roller Coaster. After playing so many games, I got bored, so I went to the place where people play Roller Coaster to see how they could survive on it. They played and played, and I watched and watched until I thought I was also exciting. I thought: “What if I die? Some of my friends say that it’s very scary. I think I’ll just try.” After that, I went on the Roller Coaster. A security guard looked at me and asked:” Don’t you know what “being scared” means?” I ignored him.
A few minutes later, the Roller Coaster started to move. I closed my eyes so that I won’t look down. When I opened my eyes, I discovered that we were on the top of the Roller Coaster and I thought it wasn’t scary at all. The Roller Coaster started to move again. I had no idea why the security guard was screaming. I thought he wasn’t scare.
When we finished playing, I don’t have enough tickets to play it again but however, it was AWESOME!!!


  1. ??? IT Bak!!! Congratulation Pearl!!

  2. I don't know. Sorry.. It fixed now =)

  3. This is some roller coaster! Making loops and fast, tight turns like a fighter aircraft in a dogfight! Probably create some positive gs and caused black-outs, or create some negative gs and caused red-outs.

  4. Why was the security guard screaming?!

  5. i can't go on a roller coaster without screaming even without trying! Once I was at Six Flags and tried not to scream, but it was too fun, i couldn't help it, so I started laughing and screaming the whole ride!

  6. You think you will die when you had buckle your seatbelt ?! Your wrong, you can only die when you didn't buckle your seatbelt, 'cause when the roller coaster start to make a loop or a tight turn and you didn't buckle your seatbelt yet, the
    g-forces will throw you out of the car that you're in.