Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Abseil down a height of an eight-storey building in the mountains

Have you ever faced your scariest fear? I had abseiled down a height of an eight- storey building in the mountains of Dalat. It was the first time I’ve abseiled. When I climbed the mountain to the place to abseil, I was exited. When I got there, I saw that’s too deep so I was very scared. I saw that there were big lumps of rocks for me to abseil down. I was about to say “no.” but because of the fresh smell of cool winds, I tried to abseil down. When I was abseiling down, I heard people say “help” and “cool” because I went with my school, AIS. I abseiled down all the way and waited for other people. All the people abseiled down and said “ouch” I saw they all had blood on them, not me.

By Andy

It was an awesome day, thanks to the wind.

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  1. Cool! Sliding down a mountain! That was some extreme courage!