Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reading Strategies (Priscilla and the Wimps)

Predicting = Guessing what will happen next.
I think that he will be saved by his friends from the locker.

Inferring = It says in the story...I know...So I can infer (understand) that ...
It says: "Practically everyone in school could show you his scars"
I know: Scars come from when we are hurt
I can infer: that the Kobras are violent

Connecting = linking events in a story to your life
There are bullies in this story. What do I know about bullies? Do I know any bullies? Have I ever been bullied?

Visualizing = Imagining with pictures
"The Odd Couple....Priscilla was...the largest student in our particular institute of learning...Melvin was...one of the smallest guys above midget status ever seen."
Imagine what this couple looks like - describe them or draw a picture.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sentence of the Week

"We can see that both are loyal and have an unbreakable bond between them." By Polly, 6D

"After the Warden came, X-Ray received a day off after all that time digging in the hot shining glazing ray from the big red fireball, otherwise known as the Sun." By Bill, 6C

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sentence of the Week

"Stanley is compassionate and loyal to his first real friend, Hector Zeroni." By Davina, 6D

"Maybe he felt more comfortable with the boys there than in his hometown." By Pearl, 6C