Monday, September 27, 2010

Writepath Competition - Monday 11th October


The Write Path is a writing competition which started in the UK in 2008 and now involves students in schools around the world. Well known authors provide the opening paragraph and then teams of students work together to write a progressive story.

Schools will be given a timeslot on one day, with our school being allocated 1-2pm on Monday, October 11. At this time, the students involved will come to the library and will read the author’s opening to the story. In pairs, students will then write the next part of the story, before it is passed on to another school to continue.

There will be six different stories, with each pair allocated one story to work on in their allocated one hour time slot.

To participate, students must be aged between 11 and 13.

Schools are encouraged to write a blog post of their own at the end of their time about their experience, and also to upload photos, videos etc.

At the end of the week schools will be asked to vote for their favourite paragraphs and the winners will be sent a trophy.

All of the stories will be published in a book and a copy of the book will be sent to the school. We have a copy of last year’s book in the library if you would like to have a look. All students who participate have their names published in the books as authors of the stories.

Story continuations should be kept short (maximum 250 words), as this prevents the stories from getting too long.

Good Luck!

Look at the website to see last year's stories:


We will study this in class during September and October.

Think about: 
  • reading strategies (infer, predict, connect)
  • themes: bullying, desert life, homelessness, juvenile detention
  • time lines

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seeing a Half Grown Shark

How would you react when you see a half grown grey shark with a mouth full of bone crunching teeth on a beach lying helplessly on the beach one day?! Well this is one way to do it! I was on vacation at Da Nang and I was going to go fishing with my friend when suddenly my friend said she saw a really big tail. Then a sea of people was gathering around something at the beach! Me and my friend squeeze ourselves through the crowd and saw a half grown grey shark was stranded on the beach! The security guards helped the unfortunate carnivore back to the deep blue ocean. I felt strange why a grey shark would swim in the shallow water. No one dare to touch the beautiful calm sea that whole week but the mystery of the stranded grey shark remain unknown. Though seeing a stranded grey shark was unbelievably surprising, I and my friend thought that was a scary but AWESOME experience!!!   


By Rosie

Crying while watching a scary movie

While you’re watching a scary movie, do you ever notice the person sit next to be crying because the movie was too frightened?

Well, when I was young I usually wet my pants whenever I watch a scary movie, therefore at night I didn’t go to the bathroom because I thought that the yellow monster going to kidnap me! Until now, last Halloween I went to the theater to watch a new horror  movie but unlucky for me that, the girl sitting next to me was crying to like she watching a romantic movie, it a good thing that I brought a pack of tissue.


By Roo

Riding on Extreme Roller Coasters

Have you ever rode on some roller coasters? You might wanted to bring a bag so you could barf when the roller coaster was running. You might not want to look down when the roller coaster was running when you’re afraid, because it make you barf.

Made sure you buckled your seatbelts, because your arms and legs don’t have the strength to hold yourself against the wind and g-forces, and you will fly off. When the roller coaster cars were doing some tight loops or turns, or stunts, you might feel a force that push you left and right, back and forth, the wind and the g-forces was pushing you, and you will occasionally experienced black-outs, which was when your sight became black and you can’t see anything at all until the roller coaster cars level out, you can slow the black-outs by tighten your muscles.

Made sure you followed these steps when you’re riding in a roller coaster. It sort of like flying a stunt aircraft, or flying a fighter plane in a dogfight.


By Nhan

Peeing on my mom’s bed!

Once, I was really tired and slept in my mom’s bed. I was too lazy to wake-up to go the toilet. At that time I was dreaming something and peed in my mom’s bed. I smelled so bad at that time. I was 3 years old so I didn’t know anything. I tasted it and it was wet and stinky. It had a yellow color and my mom looked at it and yelled at me. I was so scared and I was crying really loud. My maid needed to clean my mom’s bed cover.


By Lisa

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Walking into a air conditioned room after a long walk on a hot day

Don’t you just love it when a room is air conditioned after a hot day, or don’t you love it when you get home after a long day of walking? Have you ever done at the same time? Its just a great feeling when you just spent like two hours walking around on a 40 degrease day  and then you walk into a house or a shopping center and get blown back by the cool breeze from the air conditioners. I just love it because it instantaneously cools you down. Its just………….AWESOME!

By Josh

Skiing Down a Really Steep Mountain

Today’s awesome thing is about skiing or snowboarding a really steep mountain. Usually this would be really scary for beginners, like me, but I’d be willing to give it a try. Whenever I ski down a mountain, I always feel the fresh cool air blowing in my face. Once you finish skiing down that hill, you’ll never want the feeling to stop. Skiing or snowboarding might always cheer you up when you’re feeling down. My favorite part of skiing is tasting the snowflakes while you’re going down. That way you can feel the fresh wind while tasting the cold flakes. I think skiing would be a great idea for a Christmas vacation.


By Davina