Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Riding on Extreme Roller Coasters

Have you ever rode on some roller coasters? You might wanted to bring a bag so you could barf when the roller coaster was running. You might not want to look down when the roller coaster was running when you’re afraid, because it make you barf.

Made sure you buckled your seatbelts, because your arms and legs don’t have the strength to hold yourself against the wind and g-forces, and you will fly off. When the roller coaster cars were doing some tight loops or turns, or stunts, you might feel a force that push you left and right, back and forth, the wind and the g-forces was pushing you, and you will occasionally experienced black-outs, which was when your sight became black and you can’t see anything at all until the roller coaster cars level out, you can slow the black-outs by tighten your muscles.

Made sure you followed these steps when you’re riding in a roller coaster. It sort of like flying a stunt aircraft, or flying a fighter plane in a dogfight.


By Nhan

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