Monday, September 27, 2010

Writepath Competition - Monday 11th October


The Write Path is a writing competition which started in the UK in 2008 and now involves students in schools around the world. Well known authors provide the opening paragraph and then teams of students work together to write a progressive story.

Schools will be given a timeslot on one day, with our school being allocated 1-2pm on Monday, October 11. At this time, the students involved will come to the library and will read the author’s opening to the story. In pairs, students will then write the next part of the story, before it is passed on to another school to continue.

There will be six different stories, with each pair allocated one story to work on in their allocated one hour time slot.

To participate, students must be aged between 11 and 13.

Schools are encouraged to write a blog post of their own at the end of their time about their experience, and also to upload photos, videos etc.

At the end of the week schools will be asked to vote for their favourite paragraphs and the winners will be sent a trophy.

All of the stories will be published in a book and a copy of the book will be sent to the school. We have a copy of last year’s book in the library if you would like to have a look. All students who participate have their names published in the books as authors of the stories.

Story continuations should be kept short (maximum 250 words), as this prevents the stories from getting too long.

Good Luck!

Look at the website to see last year's stories:

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