Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seeing a Half Grown Shark

How would you react when you see a half grown grey shark with a mouth full of bone crunching teeth on a beach lying helplessly on the beach one day?! Well this is one way to do it! I was on vacation at Da Nang and I was going to go fishing with my friend when suddenly my friend said she saw a really big tail. Then a sea of people was gathering around something at the beach! Me and my friend squeeze ourselves through the crowd and saw a half grown grey shark was stranded on the beach! The security guards helped the unfortunate carnivore back to the deep blue ocean. I felt strange why a grey shark would swim in the shallow water. No one dare to touch the beautiful calm sea that whole week but the mystery of the stranded grey shark remain unknown. Though seeing a stranded grey shark was unbelievably surprising, I and my friend thought that was a scary but AWESOME experience!!!   


By Rosie


  1. I've never saw one. But is that two sharks or one?

  2. Cool! I wish I can see sharks for real