Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sliding on a waterslide so fast, and end up flying into a pool

Don’t you feel scared all of a sudden and then you end up with a splash? Sometimes you even gulp a mouthful of water because you are screaming and then “SPLASH!” All you know is that you’re in the water and you’re choking really hard.

It is really cool and you feel nervous. In the beginning, the slide is really slow, and you may feel bored. After that, the slide goes faster and faster. All of a sudden you just know that you’re plunging down, all you can see is blurry stuff because you’re plunging down too fast and flying up again. Then, you enter the pool with a “SPLASH!”.


By Jimmy, 6D

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sentence of the Week

"In America, whites were considered superior, while colored people were considered inferior." By Nhan, 6D
"A time when it was still filled with clear water, which occasionally was filled with laughing children, splashing and swimming in the clear, cool water." By Anh, 6C

Monday, October 11, 2010

Holes Quote - Zero

"Zero was the smallest kid in Group D, but he was the first to finish digging." P37

This quote shows us that Zero is small, yet strong and experienced.

Holes Quote - God's Thumb

"When he was asked how he had lived so long, he said he "found refuge on God's Thumb."" P93

We don't know what God's Thumb is at this stage, but we can infer that it is a magical or safe place.

Holes Quote - Something unfair

"If I had just kept those old smelly sneakers, then neither of us would be here right now." P184

Everything could have been avoided if he had kept the sneakers. Stanley wouldn't be at Camp Green Lake.

Holes Quote - Desert Life

“He’s not going to die,” the Warden said, “Unfortunately for you.” P91

Stanley has learnt that people can be as dangerous as the desert.

Holes Quote - Camp Green Lake

"There is no Camp at Camp Green Lake" P3

It immediately tells us about the setting.

Holes Quotes - Stanley

"He needed to save his energy for the people who counted" P82.

This quote shows that Stanley has begun to treat Zero the same as the other boys at camp do.

Sentence of the Week

"Confident as he was, he was still nervous about performing." Celine, 6C

"He practiced his pantomime in the shower and at school every day leading up to the talent show, yet on the day of the show something unpredictable happened." Josh, 6D